Retirement: Mistakes and Strategies
Knowing common mistakes and striving for sound strategies will make your retirement plan a success. Watch this video with Diane Armstrong, CPA, CFP® to learn about the best strategies as well as tips for avoiding costly mistakes.*(Annuities are long-term, tax-deferred investment vehicles designed for retirement purposes. Variable annuities are sold by prospectus. Please consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses carefully before investing. The prospectus, which contains this and other information, can be obtained from a financial professional. Be sure to read the prospectus carefully before deciding whether to invest.) 
Retirement: What You Need to Know about IRAs
Diane Armstrong, CPA, CFP® talks about the cryptic world of IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts). Topics covered include the differences between traditional and Roth IRAs, making contributions and withdrawals from your IRA accounts and tips on selecting the right IRA for you.*


Retirement: Hiring Help
In this video, Diane Armstrong, CPA, CFP® talks about the right moment to hire a financial advisor when developing a retirement strategy. The results of a DIY job can be disastrous, particularly as retirement nears. Watch this video to learn when professional help can benefit you.*
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Armstrong Financial Services, LLC
Diane Armstrong CPA, CFP​®

Armstrong Financial Services is an independent financial services firm.  As a business owner, Diane has a strong sense of personal accountability to her clients.  As an independent investment advisor, she has the flexibility to make recommendations based solely on what's right for you, without or pressure to promote a particular product or strategy.  She is skilled at helping couples talk through their money issues, work through their differences, and plan for retirement. Diane also conducts financial workshops for women who find themselves suddenly financially independent due to a life transition and helps them get back on track.
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